Please read through these instructions on what to do after your procedure.

When are you discharged?

This is decided by Dr Freeman based on the results of your Angiogram. Generally, patients are discharged on the same day as the angiogram. A friend or relative will be required to take you home. You cannot drive yourself home. If required you may be asked to remain in hospital for further treatment.

Results of your Angiogram

Dr Freeman will discuss the results of your Angiogram with you before you go home. Dr Freeman will also speak with your family or friend if you would like them to.

Care of your wound

It is recommended that prior to leaving the hospital you become familiar with how your groin or arm wound looks. This will help you if there are any changes once you are at home.

If you notice increased bright blood under your dressing or increased swelling, place your fingers over the groin or arm wound and apply firm pressure for 15 minutes. (This will be demonstrated to you) The moment you notice the blood call Dr Freeman or the Hospital or have someone call for you.

If you have had an Angioseal inserted to seal the artery after your angiogram then you may feel a pea sized lump in your groin. This will eventually dissolve and be absorbed by the body. You will also receive an information card about your Angioseal closure device.

Please do not bend, strain or lift heavy objects for the next 48 hours

If your groin was used for your Angiogram you will be shown how to hold your groin with your fingers. You will be asked to do this if you cough, sneeze, sit down or stand up.

You will have a transparent dressing on your wound. This can be removed after 24 hours.

It is recommended that you have a warm (not hot) shower.


Your nurse will guide you but generally you are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids over the next 24 hours. This helps to replace fluids after you have been fasting and also helps to flush out the dye (contrast) used during your Angiogram.


You are unable to drive a car for 24 hours or as advised by Dr Freeman.


Any changes to your medications will be discussed with prior to your discharge.

Please see your GP within the first week of going home.

For appointments and enquiries, please contact the relevant practice location:


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