Please read through these instructions on what to do after your procedure.

For the 24 hours after your procedure please do not:

  • DRIVE any vehicles.
  • OPERATE any heavy machinery.
  • CONDUCT any business or legal transactions.


  • Take pain relief tablets as instructed and your regular medications.
  • You may have fluids and a normal diet unless instructed otherwise.
  • In the case of a problem contact Dr Freeman's rooms or the hospital if it is after hours.


  • Your leg is wrapped in a compression bandage that is to remain in place for 3 days. The compression bandage can then be removed, any tapes or waterproof dressings left intact, the leg washed in the shower and a compression stocking applied.

  • You will need to wear a compression stocking until being reviewed by Dr Freeman between one and two weeks following the procedure. The benefit with compliance will be a reduction in bruising, swelling and pain.

  • Normal activity can be resumed immediately, but avoid hot baths and vigorous activity such as gym workouts until seen by Dr Freeman. During the immediate post-op period, avoid prolonged sitting and standing. We encourage you to walk for thirty minutes each day.

  • Your leg may also be tender for a few days or longer in the case of surgical stripping. This discomfort can generally be managed with over-the-counter analgesics, but please avoid aspirin-based products unless otherwise recommended or prescribed.

  • As with any invasive procedures, problems can develop. If you develop a fever (more than 38°C) or severe worsening pain or swelling, please call the rooms during office hours, the Hospital after hours or attend your Local Doctor or Emergency Department.

  • After your follow-up visit, wear your compression stockings during the day while you are on your feet and while exercising for up to a month depending on the advice from Dr Freeman. The stockings may be removed at night during this period.

For appointments and enquiries, please contact the relevant practice location:


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